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Alexandrovsky district

The date of the district foundation: November 1923 (since the 13th of August 1944 is a part of Tomsk oblast)

Administrative center: Alexandrovskoe village

Population: 10,1 thousand people (1.01.2006). Nationalities: Russians — 80%, Germans — 9%, Khanty and Selkups — 4.8% and others.

Rural communities:

Alexandrovsky district is situated in the very north of Tomsk oblast. It borders on Hanty-Mansiisk Autonomous Okrug of Tyumenskaya oblast in the north, west and north-east and on Kargasoksky district of Tomsk oblast in the south. The territory of the district is 30,02 thousand square kilometers. The climate is continental. The river Ob is the water transport main of this district. It crosses the territory from the south-east to the north-west dividing it into two equal parts. Strezhevoy town is situated in the north of the district and has the regional submission. Alexandrovskoe village is 670 km far away from Tomsk. The territory of the district is 30.16 thousand square km.

The coat-of-arms of Alexandrovsky district consists of the French shield which is framed by a stripe broadened in the lower part. The emerald green field is crossed diagonally from the right lower corner to the upper left corner of the shield by the stylized representation of the blue river.
In the upper corner of the shield there is the representation of the oil tower of the black colour with white edge. In the lower left corner of the shield there is the stylized representation of mink of the black colour with white edge.
In the middle of the shield there is a contour of the district with a red round which means the administrative center of the district. There is the inscription written by block letters of white colour «Alexandrovsky district» in the lower part of the shield against the background of the blue stripe.

Natural resources: Oil (22 deposits are opened), peat (128 deposits are discovered), brick-ceramzite ores, mineral water, brown coal. The forests cover 47% of the total area. Swamps occupy 1003.9 thousand hectares.

Address: 636760, Tomsk oblast, Alexandrovskoe, Lenina 8
Fax: (38255) 2-54-07
Telephone: (38255) 2-43-03
The Internet Address: http://www.als.tomskinvest.ru

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